Identity Theft & Phishing


Is someone using your personal information to open accounts, file taxes, or make purchases or maybe attempting to obtain your username, password?  Learn more about Identity Theft and Phishing below.

Below are links to the Federal Trade Commission websites devoted to helping you avoid becoming a victim of identity theft or of a phishing scam. These sites also provide valuable information on what to do if you believe you may be a victim of one of these crimes.

FTC Videos 

Recovering From ID Theft

Phishing Information

UCB strives to diligently safeguard all of your information. We use the latest technology along with a "know your customers" approach that can only come from a local community bank like us. To review exactly how we protect you, click here for our security practices page. Get detailed information about our security methods, as well as links to outside resources that you can use to learn about security and to verify our sites statements.

You should be aware that UCB will never contact you by e-mail asking for confidential information such as account numbers, social security numbers or passwords. If you receive an e-mail that appears to be from the Bank requesting this information, do not reply but contact us immediately at one of our branch locations.